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RCF Announcement (4/1/2020)

The pastoral team met last night via Zoom. We prayed together and went through our agenda. Clearly, there are many unknowns right now in our world and city as the news changes rapidly.

What do we know? As per the coronavirus guidelines of the White House, we know that we will NOT be gathering again in the month of April. Therefore Sunday gatherings and weekday small groups and events are canceled for April. We will provide another update as soon as we know more.

In the meantime here is how you can stay connected:

1) “Like” the Facebook page and follow the content. We will post announcements, sermons, weekly family liturgy, and videos here. 2) “Subscribe” to our YouTube channel and follow the videos there. Videos will also be posted on Facebook. 3) “Bookmark” our website. You can find a lot of information about our local church here as well as our blog. 4) Continue to give to the church to support the monthly expenses AND to provide for benevolence needs that might arise among our local church community and in our city. 5) Call, text, FaceTime, Zoom, etc., with those that belong to our RCF community. Check-in on ‘em, see if they have needs, laugh with them, pray with them, and encourage them to use the digital means we’ve provided. 6) Submit prayer requests via the website. If you want them to be kept in confidence with the elders only, feel free to note that. If you would like them to go to the entire church prayer chain, let us know.

7) Join our Bible Reading plan: "19 Chapters in a Time of COVID-19". We will be doing more of these, so stay tuned! 8) Remember, as Jesus said to his disciples, “the Father himself loves you” (John 16:27). You are deeply loved.

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