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Links: Something Old, Something New, Something to Pray, & Something to Sing

Something Old to Read (or Listen to)

Have you ever considered reading a Christian classic from yesteryear? Use the quarantine for your advantage and dive into one of the following books:

St. Augustine's Confessions--buy the book OR read it free online.

John Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion--buy the book OR read it free online.

John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress--buy the book OR read it free online.

Jonathan Edwards's Religious Affections--buy the book OR read it free online.

CS Lewis's Mere Christianity--buy the book.

Something New to Read (or Listen to)

John Piper spends five minutes discussing his short new book *Coronavirus and Christ*. It is available now as an e-book and an audiobook.

Something to Pray

Pull up the John Hopkins coronavirus map and pray that God stops the spread of the virus in its tracks, accelerates a vaccine in the medical community, and awakens the world to the truth of Jesus with a global revival.

Go to Operation World and pray for the nations.

Something to Sing

Andrew Peterson's "Isn't He Worthy":

Also, his three Resurrection Letters albums are a solid addition to your listening repertoire for Holy Week: Prologue, Volume 1, & Volume 2.

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